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Affiliate Disclaimer

Affiliate Disclaimer


Patt Timlin here. I believe in Affiliate Marketing.  I believe it is an opportunity for me and for you.

I also believe in honesty and transparency and so I want to be clear that I have included certain products and links to those products on this site and that I will earn an affiliate commission for any purchases you make of those products.

My goal for this blog is to help you and educate you on blogging, content marketing and marketing online.  This help to you is free but please understand that I am doing an online business for profit!  (as I hope you are too!)

Therefore, you should assume that any links leading you to products or services are affiliate links that I will receive compensation if you make purchases from those links.

I promote those products or services that I have checked out, either use or wish to use — and feel confident they will be of value to you. Examples include the banners for AWeber, BlueHost, Charlie Page Products, Amazon or High Traffic Academy (among others).

Because I promote Amazon products, here is the required information:  Patt Timlin is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (“your website name” (, or,,, or

Though I regularly link to products for which I am an affiliate and will recieve commissions, I also link to products and services where I am NOT an affiliate.  In short, I recommend what I think will be helpful and for the sake of simplicity, just assume the link is an affiliate link and that I will receive a small commission should you decide to make a purchase.

I have NOT been given any free products, services or ANYTHING by these companies in exchange for mentioning them on the site. The only consideration is in the form of affiliate commissions.

If you have any questions on this disclosure, please feel free to contact me.  Good luck with your online ventures!

Patt Timlin