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I’ve just completed my comprehensive compilation of tools to  help you market your business online.  Everything from website hosting through auto-responders and data protection is included.

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Don’t have MS Office on your computer?  I’ll update the resource guide shortly but for now, I wanted you to have this.  Maybe you have done this?  I have been working on an eBook for the past couple weeks.  I have been using a free word processing program called:  LibreOffce.  I am quite pleased with it!  It has programs Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math Formula and Base Database comparable to MS Office Suite  programs Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access etc.

You can download a free copy at

File Conversion.  So  there I was working on my book and I wanted to send a copy to my husband to proof for me.  He does not have LibreOffice on his computer so I saved a copy as a PDF and sent it off.  Today I came in and realized that I had made changes yesterday but had not updated the table of contents.  So I opened the LibreOffice and LO!  no file.  Oooops!!  My bad!

I’ve used Google drive often on another computer in just this same way but when I exported a PDF on there, it kept the Drive copy.  Not so on LibreOffice.  So now I have a PDF and no working copy.  Ever find yourself in such a bind?!

You can convert a PDF to any kind of file you want, including the .odt for LibreOffice using a free online service called Zamcar.  It’s online so you don’t have to download programs.  When the conversion is complete, they will email it to your.  Thankfully, I am back to my book with a minimum of hassle.

Zamcar can do more than covert PDF’s.  It supports conversion of songs, videos,  images and doc and a wide variety of formats such as: csv, doc, docx, odt, pub, wpd, xls;  bmp, gif, png, wbmp; aac, m4a, mp3, wav; 3g2, flv, m4v, mp4, and wmv to name a few!

HTML Freaking you out?  Sometime you need to edit some HTML.    Here’s a simple, free solution! is a simple to use HTML editor.   It’s actually an entire internet application suite with a browser, email, web feed reader, HTML editor and web development tools.  It uses much of the same source code as Mozilla (Firefox and Thunderbird) and legal backing is provided by Mozilla Foundation.

Some faves!

One of my favorite “gurus” is Marlon Sanders.  Not only has he been online forEVER, he has been success forEVER in an ever-changing environment!  He is a down-to-earth, sAffiliateCowboytraight-shootin son-of-a-gun and you can’t go wrong by learning some do’s and don’ts from Marlon!

Click here for Marlon Sanders’ Affiliate Cowboy!


Here’s another Marlon Sanders’ product.  Affiliate Marketing is wonderful, no doubt about that.  But did you ever think what it would be like to cut out the middle man and sell your own products?  Of course you did only … only what?    Don’t know where to start?  Well now you do!

Marlon says:  “Think you can’t make your own product?  Think again!  I believe just about everybody has a great product idea hidden inside them just waiting to pop out.  I’ll show you how …

Stop wasting y time, energy and genius making other people rich.  Learn a system that is actually practical for you to use.  There are a lot of products that take way too much time and money to create.  You do not need a pile of money to make your own product the Marlon Sanders’ Way!”