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Products and Gadgets

We all use great tools and gadgets to make our lives and businesses run more smoothly.  Here are a few of my favorite gadgety-things! (I’m compiling a list of favorite online tools but that’s another day and another page!) Soon I promise!

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Blogging can be done anywhere – in the office, at home, on your deck, on vacation (even though I don’t recommend that!) and if fact, it’s good for us to work from different locations to keep the creative juices flowing. But we can only do that if our gadgets will allow and often, our gadgets say go but our wi-fi says stay, stay, stay!

Here are some solutions to blogging without the chains to the desk!

We’re blogging so of course we need a computer!  Some people do blog via phone but I still find the computer to be easier.  Lenovo has really become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to computers.  My husband has a Lenovo.  I have this one on my wish list for now but hopefully soon it will be my go-to computer!

Newest Model Lenovo Thinkpad

  • 15.6-inch High Performance
  • Laptop for Business
  • Windows 7/8.1 Professional 64-bit
  • 5th Gen Intel Core i5-5200U processor
  • 3MB cache
  • 2.7GHz Turbo Frequency,
  • 4GB DDR3L Memory,
  • 500GB HDD,
  • 1366×768 HD Display,
  • DVD±RW, 720p Webcam,
  • Bluetooth 4.0, USB 3.0, HDMI,
  • Battery up to 9hr)


HP Officejet Pro 8610 Wireless All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer (A7F64A#B1H)

Much as we try to go green and use no paper, sometimes we need to print!  And now that our computers are on the go and we’re blogging out on the deck under the picnic table umbrella, we want to print without having to hook up all the wires of yesteryear!

  • high quality printing from on the go
  • or across the room
  • from smart phone, tablet, notebook
  • wireless printing with auto wireless connect
  • using wireless direct, wireless, and Ethernet connectivity
  • scan to email
  • Fax
  • print from USB or flash drive



Of  course if we’re going to take the computer to the deck or the park or the roof or the tree-house, or wherever you find you can blog comfortably, you gotta have a wireless mouse, right?  Well, I DO!

I know some folks are fine with the touch pad on the laptop but I absolutely hate it!  I have my trust mouse.  I love my blue mouse and I’ve included it here for you!  Of course it comes is other colors but blue is best!

Logitech Wireless Mouse M325 with Designed-For-Web Scrolling – Blue


  • long-lasting battery
  • rubber grips, easy on hand
  • contoured
  • For Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Reliable wireless connection
  • tiny Logitech Unifying Nano-receiver



Sometimes we have to take the show on the road.  Remember when we had to pack CLOTHES when we traveled?  Several years back, my toiletries bag of lotions and potions was growing dangerously close to the size of my suitcase.  Now THAT has been superseded by cords and chargers and gadgets!  We went to Europe recently and besides all the cords and chargers, we had European phones and charger and adapters for our US cords!

This electronics accessories case has become invaluable!

Universal Travel Organizer/ Electronics Accessories Case / iPad Mini, Galaxy Tab Case/ Portable EVA Hard Drive Case / Cable Organiser/power Bank Case/usb Pouch/cable Stable/waterproof Bag (Large)

  • Camera, External Battery Pack etc.
  • Hard waterproof EVA molded case
  • protects from scratches, dust
  • AND accidental dropping!
  • Lightweight and durable 
  • Built-in Accessories Pocket,
  • organize devices, cables, accessories
  • Dimensions : 9 x 6.5 x 2 inches.



One of the downfalls of the wondering blog is that the wi-fi may now work all the way out on the swing or in the tree-house!  Never fear, wi-fi extenders are here!

You can improve wi-fi in certain areas of your home.

Netgear AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender Dual Band Gigabit (EX6150-100NAS)

  • Extend dual band WiFi up to 1200Mbps
  • reduce interference
  • External antennas
  • Better WiFi coverage & more speed
  • Gigabit Ethernet Port 
  • Two WiFi Modes –
    • Extend existing WiFi connection
    • or create a new AC WiFi access point
  • FastLane Technology –
    • Use both WiFI bands to establish one super high-speed connection
  • Best of all, easy to set up!


Since you extending your range, maybe it’s time to give your cell phone a boost? If you are using your cell phone as your main phone and for business, you want it to be reliable.  My cell phone used to work better outside in the tree, than inside the house!  Much as I like it outside, there are times that I prefer to talk on the phone indoors.  Winter comes to mind as an example!

You can extend your coverage and have stronger, uninterrupted service!  And you will use less power and extend your battery with a stronger signal!

zBoost ZB545 SOHO Dual Band Cell Phone Signal Booster for Home and Office, up to 2,500 sq. ft.

  • Extends cellular coverage 
    • Provides up to 2500 sq. ft. of coverage
  • Works with 800/1900 MHz frequencies
    • AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile,
    • Verizon, Alltel, Cricket, and more
      • (not compatible with Nextel)
  • Receives signals from multiple cell towers
  • Antenna can be installed outdoors 
    • or indoors in the attic or window
    • or near a window
  • Extends phone battery life


This next product is NOT for the tree-house!  It is on my wish list because I DON’T have a neat desk!  It never ceases to amaze me how we keep going paperless and yet there’s more and more paper in my office!

And if you are in business, you don’t need me to tell you about the all the receipts and paper you must keep for the IRS.  Scanning is an option but naming everything can be a real hassle.

But NeatDesk scanner can read!  NeatDesk will read and extract the information turning piles of receipts, business cards, or documents (at a speedy 24 pages per minute) into organized digital files!   You can even scan right to the Cloud so that you don’t even need a computer!

NeatDesk Desktop Document Scanner and Digital Filing System for PC and Mac

  • turn paper into organized digital files
  • direct to Cloud, no computer necessary
  • smart scan reads and extracts information
  • up to 50 pages at once; 1 or 2 sided
  • transform receipts into expense reports
  • business cards into address book
  • create searchable PDF from any document
  • export to PDF, Quicken and Excel



So, I told you that the NeatDesk wasn’t for your tree-house or deck or park bench or wherever you are blogging on the go!  But did you know that there is a NeatDesk option for those on the go?  SUR-PRISE!

NeatReceipts Mobile Document Scanner and Digital Filing System for PC and Mac

  • slim and lightweight, weighs less than one pound
  • fits easily into briefcase or carry-on
  • no need for AC power – can run on USB power from your computer
  • reads and extracts information creating digital useful, usable and easy to find content!
  • acquire, search, share and access your important info from anywhere
  • create tax or expense reports



This next product is not for the great outdoors either but I figured since we are on a roll and getting the office cleaned up – heck, we might just set the office up as a sewing room and move the business out to the beach!

Since we are scanning the paper, getting all the files organized, the next step will be to get rid of that paper.  Get rid of it and protect your identity with a good shredder!

AmazonBasics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Paper, CD/DVD, and Credit-Card Shredder


  • protect your identity
  • avoid the hassle of i.d. theft
  • shred multi-page documents
  • (up to 12 sheets at a time)
  • cross-cut shredding
  • destroy ATM receipts, credit-cards,
  • even CDs, DVDs and BluRays


Finally, this last product  is included NOT because it is necessary to your work but because I think it’s the coolest thing EVER!   I use Siri on my phone and I love to just ask!  So when I heard Amazon Echo,  it was love!  Sorry, Siri.

Amazon Echo has 7 microphones so it can hear you from across the room even if it is playing music and it is really good at playing music!

It connects to a cloud-based voice service so it can give you information, answer questions, read the news, check sport scores, the weather, find something on Wikipedia – instantly – all you have to do is ask!

“Alexa?”  (wake-up word) “what is the weather like in London today?”   or “Please read the news;” or “play Mumford and Sons”; or “dd paper towels to the shopping list;” or “dim the lights;”  “turn on the fan;”  “turn the lights on so I don’t stub my toe in the dark!”  Oh Alexa!

Your very own personal assistant sitting there playing soothing music and looking every bit like a music player but ready to read out those Blackhawks scores or the ingredients to a good guacamole!  Just ask.

Amazon Echo


  • play Audible Audiobooks
  • sync to Google calendar
  • alarms, timers, lists
  • works with connected home
  • sports, weather, news
  • questions and info
  • music with most streaming carriers
  • new capabilities added regularly
  • and check your math problems!

Ha!  Next time someone asks you one of those math problems like “if a pig was flying at 30 mph and the house was 60 ft tall, how many people would cross the Golden Gate bridge at 10 p.m.?”  you can say, just a second …  “Hey Alexa!”

Remember, you got the wi-fi boost so that there’s signal out in the tree-house so Alexa can play music for you and wake you from your nap before the family realizes you weren’t working up there!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of must-haves!   I’m working on a list of software and tools because everyone loves helpful tools!