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How to Create a Content Strategy for Affiliate Marketing Success

Is Your Online Marketing Strategy A Lost Cause?One of the most important aspects of successful marketing online is to create a content strategy to drive traffic and sales. This is true for any business, whether your business is primarily online or off.

What if you are selling other people’s products as an affiliate?  Often, as an affiliate you are given links and maybe a mini-site.  Would you need a content strategy too?  Yes!  It it just as important for your affiliate marketing business!

People might like to dream that if you post the affiliate link, they will come!  But it is unlikely that you will make any sales just by posting links on their own.

Top affiliates do so well because they differentiate themselves from the crowd.  If a thousand people are using the same affiliate link, why would someone buy from you?  Because you offer something ELSE, something different.  That is where your content comes in!

Content could be as articles or reviews (videos, blogs, and social media posts, podcasts, infographics) which do not explicitly promote a brand but trigger interest in you and your products or services.  Content helps to set you apart as an expert on the subject, not just another seller trying to make a buck.  Creating this content will provide a context for your affiliate links – that is, it will naturally lead up to a sale and purchase, making it much more likely that people will buy. The content and product are related to each other, and vice versa.

So what does a content strategy look like?

The simplest way to look at it is to think of producing one piece of content and then repurposing.  By that I mean, maybe you do a short helpful, informative video and from that spin off into a blog post or two, Facebook posts, a podcast, some Tweets or maybe even a webinar or FB Live.  The content is repurposed but it is not all the same.

It is not a sales pitch.  It is helpful info.

But before you create content, you have to be sure about the right niche.

Choosing the Right Niche

Don’t be me wrong.  You can be involved in numerous niches.  We are all multifaceted people with arrays of interests.  But you want to be sure that your content matches your niche.

There are many profitable niches out there. Three examples that are worth around $65 billion each are golf, quilting, and pet products.  Who knew?!

Say you are an affiliate for products in each of these niches.  Nothing wrong with that.  Just make sure that you are real and authentic in each niche.  That you are knowledgeable and giving good information in each niche.  And that your affiliate links match the niche!

I know a lot about marketing.  I also know a lot about pets.  I know a lot about natural health too.  I know nothing about golf! Just because I know about pets doesn’t detract from my knowledge on marketing but they don’t really belong together.  What if I stopped right now and asked you to go buy some pet breath spray?  It is really good for their teeth and health but wouldn’t you be annoyed?  And wouldn’t you lose faith in me?  And lose trust?  You would!  So be sure not to do that to others.

I am not selling any tooth spray buy the way!

Seriously, it is really important that you keep true to each niche, with clear boundaries.  Don’t try to sell quilting supplies to golfers! Or pet supplies to quilters – even if you are sure they might need them!

Show that you respect your readers’ time.  You do that by giving them the info they came for, within the niche of their interest.

You have Your Niche – Now What?

Say you chose pet supplies.  Create some pet content that would be helpful to others.  Do you have recipes for great natural dog or cat treats?  Do you have recipes for great natural dog food?  Or maybe some information on fleas and ticks? Dog training? Anxiety? Boarding? Pet sitters? Senior dogs? Supplement for dogs?  It’s endless.

You would do some helpful info for folks free of charge.  Big info like a video or blog post; little info like an infographic or FB post.  All sorts of info.  Sign up for some pet-related affiliate programs and check out the products.  Do some reviews of the products and intersperse the reviews among the other information.

Remember the content and links that you create one time will keep on earning for you over and over again.  Getting a small percentage of the $65 billion can be well worth your time.  Once this niche is up and running, you can start on another $65 billion cut from another niche!  There’s no need to try to put them together in one blog post!

If you want to do quilters supplies, create quilters content and affiliate programs on another site.  Create content especially for that niche and then let it go  work!

Do another for the golfers if you want more work to do!


Looking for ideas for your niche and not sure what affiliate opportunities are out there?

Simply go to Google and search “Your Niche plus Affililiate.”  You will be amazed at what you find!

Reviews and Testimonials

Why are these niches so popular?  Well, one reason is that they have a high level of initial investment in equipment.

Then, they also have a large number of consumables – that is, things that need to be purchased over and over again. After the initial investment, [of clubs and shoes and bags maybe?} they will always need new golf balls, tees and and better clubs and so on.  Why not tap into this stream of income that is always going to be generated?

Once you bring the pup home, he needs a bed and a leash and food and toys and shampoo and vitamins and breath spray – [oops, I said I wasn’t going to talk about breath spray!]

Reviews and testimonials are the perfect way to keep growing in your niche. Use the product yourself, write a review and post it on your blog. Because you have genuine experience using it, your content will have authority.  If it is helpful, you build trust so that people will buy from you, not only this time for this products, but for others that you recommend in the future.

There are many other kinds of products and services available that you can also sell as an affiliate that are related to your niche. There might be an eBook at Amazon, or a video course at ClickBank, on how to improve your golf swing quickly and easily. Write a review or testimonial of the course. Create a brief video testimonial showing what you’ve learned in action. All this content will help lead to sales.

Big Picture

To keep with the golf theme, we mentioned the consumables like golf balls and tees.  The small things.  But what about the bigger picture?

What if you have signed up for affiliate marketing programs to do with travel, such as Travelocity, and create free [or paid] content about tips and tricks for each golf course in a particular location such as Las Vegas?  Maybe you could add the best places to eat and other things to do for the non-golfers in the family. The content would help sell all of the affiliate products.

Then go even bigger!  Imagine a guide to golfing holidays in Ireland or Scotland. You could have an entire eBook series, or perhaps even film yourself playing at each course! Post video excerpts on YouTube with an affiliate link, and you can keep on earning with this content too!

And we could all say that we knew you when!   Then of course you will be doing your tell-all book about how one little niche changed your life.  But I digress!

The point is, there is really unlimited affiliate programs available and unlimited ideas and how you can make a part of the niche your very own and do well with it.  Think small and big!  Do you see how this would work much better than just pasting your link out there?

Social Media Marketing

Post valuable content regularly on top social media sites to drive traffic to your website but never to just the affiliate offer. By bringing people to your site first, and giving them great info,  they will want join your mailing list so as not to miss out.  Later, you can send them other affiliate offers that would benefit them.

Email Marketing

Every business needs a list and so does your affiliate business.  If you have 10 niches, you need 10 lists.  Set up an email marketing list and so that you can send great email offers and appropriate content to your peeps.  Again, be sure you are not sending info about a great golfing trip in Ireland to someone who is looking for pet breath spray.  [dang, did it again!]

Simple Strategy

  • Niche
  • Relevant Affiliate Products/Services
  • Content with Helpful Content
  • Reviews and Testimonials
  • Social Media for Traffic
  • Collect contact Info
  • Email Marketing
    • new info
    • new products
    • great stories, reminders of why they came to you in the first place!

So you have a great product and you are excited to get moving with your affiliate business.  Make sure you have a content strategy in place and your opportunities should grow and profit!

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Patt Timlin is a marketing expert set on sharing her expertise with other online marketers to help them achieve the dream of working online. She is secretly pleased with the surge in content marketing as revenge of the English majors! Entrepreneur, blogger, guide, helper – Patt loves the online world and loves to share it!

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About the Author Patt Timlin

Patt Timlin is a marketing expert set on sharing her expertise with other online marketers to help them achieve the dream of working online. She is secretly pleased with the surge in content marketing as revenge of the English majors! Entrepreneur, blogger, guide, helper - Patt loves the online world and love to share it!