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Which Goals to Focus On?

Setting goals for your business each year is an important part of business planning. Studies have shown that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them.  Sure there’s

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Success is an Email List

You MUST have an email list to be successful online. In fact, I think you must have an email list to be Successful Offline as well. I’d even go one further and say that in order to be successful

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So if affiliate marketing works, how come I’m not making any money?

So if affiliate marketing is so works, how come I’m not making any money? Ah. The age-old question. And the age-old answer. The one you probably won’t like. Affiliate marketing works. If it

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Big List, Small List – YOUR List

So you went out on your own and opened a business! Maybe you have a store, a yoga studio, a hair salon, a tattoo shop, a restaurant? Maybe you are a contractor, a realtor, a lawyer? Maybe you are an artist,

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Why You Need To Grow An Email List

Do you really need to grow an email list? Maybe you already have too much to do and you just can’t take on one more thing.  Your focus is on sales, not on growing a list.  Isn’t that

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