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Archive Monthly Archives: May 2015

Blog Topic Ideas and Inspiration

The question is still out whether writers are bloggers or bloggers are writers but one thing is for sure: they all write.  And where there are writers there is writer’s cramp (or carpel tunnel

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Blog for your small Business: How and Why

You have a small business.  You have a lot to do.  You don’t have time to do a blog.  Do you need a blog? Let’s look at the 3 men in the tub of history, the butcher,

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Blogs Build Business Relationships

I hunt around the internet for great articles on marketing and blogging and online business because … well, one —  it is of interest to me and two — I think it will be of interest to my readers! If

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Content Curation for your Business

How can content curation help in your small business? I know.  You have a small business.  You wear many hats, the chief cook and bottle washer, you do accounting in the evening and marketing before

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2015 Content Marketing Trends – How Did They Do?

2015 Content Marketing trends and predictions … So I don’t know about you, but sometimes I go back and read my horoscope from last month just so that I can say “oh wow, that and that

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Affiliate Marketing Doesn’t Work

We hear it all the time:  Affiliate marketing doesn’t work. Network marketing doesn’t work either. It’s all a scam, a scheme, a pipe-dream, a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid, right? If it

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