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Patt Timlin.

Welcome to my blog!

If you have been thinking about doing business online or marketing  your existing business online, you will have heard this advice from all the gurus and trainers and courses.  Online marketing can be very lucrative.  All you have to do is:

  1. Find a product;
  2. Set up a landing page
  3. Send traffic;
  4. Convert to sales
  5. Count your money
  6. and laugh all the way to the bank.

Easy peasy.

But you know it’s not that simple!  Well … it IS … only there is a LOT to do in the spaces between those lines!  It can seem overwhelming. My blog is for you!

Newbies and not-so-newbies learning their way to success online,  you will find advice and help, tips and cheats, tools, entertainment and HOPE! Whether you don’t know where to start or you’ve started and are suffering from information overload, you will find something to help you here.

Maybe you have an offline business, a brick-and-mortar and you are looking to market online?

Maybe you are joining the ranks of people and entrepreneurs who are Working at Home and are finding it a little more difficult than you anticipated?

Maybe you want to Blog for yourself,  your church, your club,  or your brick-and-mortar or as a business in itself?

Maybe you are wondering about Affiliate Marketing?

And so much more!  As I hunt the internet each day for great information on what’s new and what’s great and what will help us be successful online, I’ll share.

I hope you’ll stop in often to see what’s happening!  Share your comments and ideas on what you think of my site and pages.  I’d love to hear from you!

My Story

I have the heart of an entrepreneur.  I remember the first time I heard the word!  I was in (maybe) 5th grade and one of our neighbor kids — older and mysterious (since he went to the public school and  was probably in 7th grade) said that when he grew up he was going to be an entrepreneur.   An entre-what?  I had never heard the word.  I wonder where he heard it?  But What a cool sounding job, I thought.  Somehow, “entrepreneur” never left me.

About 1998 I found a health product that I really loved and when I called to buy it was asked,  “are you interested in just the product or the opportunity?”   Opportunity?  What?!  I listened with interest as I learned about people helping people and growing a business from telling others about a product you loved.  I could be an entrepreneur!   I ran out to tell the world!  I was excited and enthused … but the world wasn’t interested.   I worked hard at it for a few years and eventually gave up.

But that little word still, stuck with me.   Then the housing boom busted, the markets crashed, the great recession ground growth to a halt.  People felt they were lucky if they had a job, any job, and I felt lucky too.  But even though my husband and I were working,  raises were a thing of the past.  Salaries were the same while everything else became more expensive.    I started dreaming about that word entrepreneur again.  I took a look at network marketing again.

It had been about 12 years.  So much had changed in that time.  Phones that do everything but cut our meat for us.  Social media which turned the internet from a research tool into an interactive social device that people use for fun and connecting.   People were wary to buy online 12 years ago.   Now, banking, buying, dating is all done online by millions everyday!

But network marketing seemed pretty much the same: meetings and home-parties and 3-way calls.  Who will come to a meeting?  Who has time?  And for that matter, who answers the phone?!  I was amazed.  The whole world-wide web is out there …

That’s what got me interested in the world of online marketing.  The more I learned, the more fascinated I became.   It is for everyone!  It’s a given that any business needs to be online.  But if you don’t have a business and you have a hobby or a church or a charity or cause … you need to get it online and know how to market it so that people will find you online. 

Whether you are an affiliate or a network marketer,  an author, or owner of an offline service business or a brick-and-mortar restaurant or store,  or an online Ebay  or Etsy store — learning how to market what you’ve got is essential!  People search the internet for everything.  If you are not there, they will not find you or your business.

The challenges that crop up along the way are all part of the learning.  Those challenges differ depending on where you are in your business.  Sometimes all it takes is a simple explanation, a how-to and to help a person back on track.  Other times, it might just be hope, encouragement and a knowing that they are not alone that will get them going again.  I hope you will find all that here!


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